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Who We Are

We are a group of like minded individuals from differing backgrounds and have all been shaped by the outdoors. We have a common purpose within the business as a group of friends who have worked together for many years. We are an extended family. 

Bigstone is an employee owned company known for working with innovative and globally respected brands, handling all aspects of commercial sales, marketing support and customer needs. We believe in doing business in an honest and respectful way. 

Working with Black Diamond is the culmination of much hard work and presents us with an opportunity to immerse ourselves in a huge range of technical category leading products. 

Black Diamond is in many respects 5 or 6 brands within one. We will dedicate ourselves to maximising the potential of the whole product line and truly do justice to every piece of equipment, be it used on the mountain, snow, crag, trail, gym or any environment 

where BD will improve an individuals performance and 

is needed and valued.

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